Old-fashioned Love Trio

Old-fashioned Love Trio consistantly radiate vibe and harmony in the lyrics and melodies, with a repertoir from swingin traditional jazz to delicate love ballads and retro swing.

Hans-Inge ”Singe” Magnusson is a virtuous and well-renowned pianist with a captivating performance. His heart is deeply rooted in swing, inspired by pianists such as Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum.

Erik Berndalen, senior lecturer at Malmö academy of music, is a well-toured artist who has preformed with Gunhild Carling, among others. He has performed in over ten countries including  Japan, Australia and the USA. Erik has recieved the Swedish Louis Armstrong-stipendium and plays in a melodic and innovative fashion, inspired by Bobby Hackett and Chet Baker.

Marcus Rostedt is a drummer educted at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He has performed with several famous Swedish artists through the year including Hal Galper and Chip Tayin. Marcus is a perceptive drummer as he always puts music above all else. He is inspired by Papa Joe James, Tony Williams and Elvin Jones. Marcus always has a swingin’ beat.

JosefinBjörk Werner Swing Orchestra

Josefin Björk Werner Swing Orchestra is a large band in a small format for large stages and festive events. The orchestra is unique in being the only one, in the Skåne and Copenhagen region, led by a female band leader, composer and singer, as well as playing swing from the intriguing early era. The repertoire offers everything from epoch-making evergreens from the 20s-40s – the well-known happy or bitter-sweet earrings – to feature-rich Swedish tunes. The set is 3 saxophones, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone and comp (piano, guitar, bass and drums) in Ellington / Fletcher Henderson spirit.

Musical leader, composer and arranger is Erik Berndalen. In addition to being a renowned jazz trumpeter, Erik is also a lecturer in music theory at the University of Music in Malmö, and he has written arrangements for both symphony orchestras and international bands.

Ensemble by occasion

Josefin always plays with virtuoso and extremely swinging fellow musicians. The ensembles are adapted to suit the occasion! The picture above shows; Sven-Erik Lundeqvist piano, Mårten Lundgren trumpet, Mattias Carlson saxophone / clarinet, Simon Peterson bass, Andreas Baw drums.