The Joyful Swing Band

Josefin Björk Werner & the Joyful Swing Band play jazz and swing with inspiration from the 30’s & 40’s,

and consists of some of Sweden’s best jazz musicians:

Mårten Lundgren, trumpet

Mattias Carlson, saxophone/clarinet

Sven-Erik Lundeqvist, piano

Simon Peterson, bass

Andreas Baw, drums

Josefin Björk Werner & the Joyful Swing Band plays at festivals and jazz unions, but even at dances, happy-hour’s, parties, weddings and reputed hotels and restaurants.

The atmosphere provides an elegant glimpse of the era when the music was originally performed. A joyful concert of high musical quality is always guarenteed.

Old-fashioned Love Trio

Old-fashioned Love Trio consistantly radiate vibe and harmony in the lyrics and melodies, with a repertoir from swingin traditional jazz to delicate love ballads and retro swing.

Hans-Inge ”Singe” Magnusson is a virtuous and well-renowned pianist with a captivating performance. His heart is deeply rooted in swing, inspired by pianists such as Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum.

Erik Berndalen, senior lecturer at Malmö academy of music, is a well-toured artist who has preformed with Gunhild Carling, among others. He has performed in over ten countries including  Japan, Australia and the USA. Erik has recieved the Swedish Louis Armstrong-stipendium and plays in a melodic and innovative fashion, inspired by Bobby Hackett and Chet Baker.

Marcus Rostedt is a drummer educted at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He has performed with several famous Swedish artists through the year including Hal Galper and Chip Tayin. Marcus is a perceptive drummer as he always puts music above all else. He is inspired by Papa Joe James, Tony Williams and Elvin Jones. Marcus always has a swingin’ beat.


Philippa and Vivien met on the dance floor in 2011 and hit it off immediately. Since then, they have been teaching and competing together across Europe, as well as in their respective scenes (Oxford UK and Malmö, Sweden) – until they finally found a common home in Paris, where they taught weekly classes in Lindy-hop, Solo Jazz Roots, and Blues dancing.

Now, after recently moving back to Philippas home scene in Malmö, they are eager to share their love for dancing with you! They believe that couple dancing finds its roots in solo body movement and musicality -but solid technique is a must. With Philippa’s background in gymnastics and physiotherapy, and Vivien’s boundless enthusiasm, they want to share the idea that any dance should leave you with a big, unshakeable grin on your face!